imgHe has been veterinary expert to the Social and Economic Group 111 of the European Economic Community during its deliberations on many veterinary matters including the proposals for the free market in the trade for farm animals and animal products and in some aspects of the control of rabies, foot and mouth, brucellosis, classical swine fever, African swine fever, tuberculosis, brucellosis in sheep and goats, exhibition of show horses, meat hygiene, rabbit diseases, etc.  He has also been Veterinary Expert to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Economic Community (Veterinary and Agricultural Section) during their Lordships' deliberations on the effects on the United Kingdom of a free trade in farm animals and their products.  He has produced with other organisations a report for MAFF concerning the eradication of brucellosis from Great Britain, its cost effectiveness and suggested future policy which was adopted by MAFF.  In 1996 he wrote with another group (CEAS) a report on the consequences of the abolition of the veal crate within the European Union for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

The clinical work and experience gained whilst Senior Lecturer in Farm Animal Medicine meant he was much in demand to undertake on-farm investigations into individual animal and more especially herd or flock problems for practising veterinary surgeons, pharmaceutical companies, feed companies, farmers, and agricultural organisations such as the National Farmers Union (NFU).  His expertise has meant that he has been requested to speak at meetings for all the above groups as well as for to the general public on aspects of all the main farm species.  He has spoken all over the United Kingdom, and in Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia and the United States of America. He has been involved as an Expert Witness in many Civil Court cases on instructions from solicitors for Claimants and Defendants, mainly involving ruminants or other farm animals and requiring the writing of Expert Reports and on occasions giving evidence in Court in cases such as botulism, copper poisoning, environmental toxicity, ergotism, feed toxicities of unknown cause, mastitis, medicine usage and advertising, mycotoxin toxicity, PCB toxicity, sweet potato toxicity, etc.

He has written many Expert Reports for Criminal cases following instructions from Prosecution or Defence lawyers on cases of fraud, misidentification of animals and animal welfare problems in farm species. He has written reports for pharmaceutical companies for registration of products including antibiotics, vaccines, endoparasiticides, vitamin and mineral preparations. He has provided expert evidence and reports in cases involving farm livestock and their behaviour. These have included traffic accidents, deaths, personal injuries and property damage and changes in behaviour and production following alteration and erection of various buildings, leisure facilities and waste sites. He has been single joint expert in two cases involving injuries to persons whilst working with animals. He was recognised as a forensic practitioner by the Council for the Recognition of Forensic Practitioners until its closure in 2009.